Axinar frá Thessaloniki


Herr Nikolaidis Giorgos

BiPa Oraiokastrou 1055
57013 Thessaloniki


Sýna símanúmer

xinar is a rapidly growing company of innovative heating products. The Company was founded in 2010 with the view to providing integrated ecological and smart heating solutions for industry and residence.

As the most reliable partner, it designs and manufactures heating products of high quality standards that meet the needs and requirements of its customers, even in the most demanding sectors. Meanwhile, the company develops long-term trust relationships with partners and suppliers, maintaining high level of services.

The Company continuously broadens the range of its products, focusing on continuous quality improvement, sustainable development, integration of innovation and adoption of technological advancements. Its renewed product portfolio includes:

Pellet Boilers
Pellet Burners
Agricultural Accessories and Wood Splitting Machines
Outdoor Heating
Oil Separators
CAD/CFD training services

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